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Why Worship on the Sabbath? What's all the fuss about YHVH'S Feast Days?

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

This is a hot topic that needs addressing. Here is my biblical contention, "Nowhere in the Bible we can find that God has changed the Feasts of The LORD to any other type Celebrations.

If this is true, where did the present Christian church calendar come from and how did it get here? Is there another calendar we should be using? What is it and why should we use it?

God instituted Passover, Rome changed it to Easter, God Instituted The Sabbath, Rome changed it to Sunday, God Instituted His (Lunar) Calendar for the Redemption of Mankind - The Feasts of The LORD, Rome changed the Calendar to the Gregorian (Solar) Calendar. The New Moon Service was totally hidden from us. It simply is a Service to the LORD in the beginning of His months.

Rome hated the Jews and Emperor Constantine made the changes we see today. No Christian could keep anything God gave 'to the Jews', they were like 'worms', 'Christ killers', so under penalty of death many Christians were forced to stop keeping God's Feasts and His Sabbath. This new Feasts brought in by 'man' are simply pagan festivals that were 'Christianised' by putting Christ in it to celebrate His birth and death and resurrection. Even though this looks inoffensive, the fact is GOD INSTITUTED HIS CHOSEN DAYS OF WORSHIP and they were CHANGED BY CONSTANTINE and the Church of today still follows the Roman institution on this matter.

The Sabbath and The Feasts of The LORD are all about Yeshua, so if the Church of today is not celebrating them, something must be wrong.

God is restoring right His Feast right now. He's restoring His Sabbath and His Calendar to His Beloved, before the Coming of Yeshua.

The Gospel went from Jerusalem to Rome, being in CAPTIVITY whilst there. In Rome the Gospel was distorted in such a way that it has needed 2000 years to restore everything back to God's Settings.

The Gospel is now RETURNING TO JERUSALEM as The LORD is Restoring to the church and restoring everything robbed before the end times, where she will need to endure hard persecution. For more information about the Calendar of YHVH please watch my video teaching, you will be sure to benefit greatly.

Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: those WHO KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD and The Faith of Yeshua/Jesus".


The Bride of Messiah will listen and heed His voice.

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With love, Yiskah

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