• Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim

1. When Typhoid Struck Migori Orphanage

Updated: Sep 20

Hi, I am Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim, founder and minister at Beit Kodesh House of Holiness.

We were training the pastor in charge of the orphanage in Migori Kenya, to become a Beit Kodesh minister when an outbreak of typhoid happened leaving 20 orphans affected. At that time we knew we needed to do something and started to fundraise to pay for the clinic bill. With the help of HaShem we got those funds and could save the lives of our children.

We are so thankful for all the people that jumped in to help in this terrible situation (smile). These children don't have parents, they live in our orphanage Care Home in Migory Kenya where pastor Evans Matara is in charge, with a school and a congregation where the orphans attend.

As all this was happening, we started to inquire the source of their water supply. The news was shocking to us. They were drinking from a polluted river as the next video will show!

They had a borehole but it was in the direction of the toilets so the water was contaminated too. After learning this we knew we needed to help with a new borehole, so we started digging one!

Finally we could finish it and it is working perfectly now :-)

We thought this was the end of the problem but what came after seemed to us, a HUGE mountain to climb!

Due to this situation the clinic contacted the Government Health Department, so they could investigate the cause of the outbreak. We thought that maybe they could help the Camp's poor conditions but we got a big surprise.

The Health Department sent their Officer, and this is what they saw:


Eight boys and a teacher were sleeping in these mattresses without any covers. Just the teacher had a cover.


When we first started to help they had 12 girls sleeping in 2 single beds with mattresses. At that time we helped with 2 more mattresses trying to make it a bit easier for the girls, but, of course, that was far from enough!


The toilets were in very bad condition and near the girl's dormitory, which was not hygienic. The smell was bad and obviously the Health Department didn't allow this to continue, and requested repairs on these ones, but to build new toilets.


The kitchen was way to small for the population of the Camp and in a poor condition.


There was no safety in the Camp! Obviously, HaShem is our protection, but the Health Department didn't think that was a choice! They needed a Gate and they got it!!!

The Public Health Officer arrived at the Camp on 1 July 2019, and after what he witnessed he wrote a Report of all that was needed to be put in order by 14 July 2019, or they would close the Compound. This would affect the not yet registered Orphanage (because it never got in shape to be recognised, as money was very scarce) and School, which was registered already, just not in a National level.

We had 14 days to:

  • Repair the toilets;

  • Build a bigger kitchen;

  • Get bunkbeds, bedding and sleeping bags for 20 orphans;

  • Install a gate for safety in the Camp

And, no funds to help from the government!!!

This was the biggest trial of faith I have ever had, and all the community in the Camp were thinking the Orphanage and School would close, unless HaShem did a great miracle.

Obviously the problem was, if this happened, these orphans would lose their home and the family they knew.

This family is Pastor Evans Matara, his wife, 4 children and a congregation, which they have in the Community.

When we started to help, they were drinking water from a polluted river. We helped with a borehole, which is almost completed. We helped with metal sheets to mend the roofs of the boys and girls rooms, provided 2 more mattresses for the girls, gave food for the children weekly, and other needs, but this situation was too big for us and the money of the ministry was running very low as we were trying to help the more we could.

As this was such a serious situation, we just embraced the case and as they were repairing and building the orphanage facilities, we were raising funds, to pay for all that was needed.

We could have turned our back, so could Pastor Evans, but we simply DIDN'T.

Next I will report how an orphanage that was condemn to be closed became fit to be open!!!

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