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3. What Happened With The Public Health Department!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

So, the deadline to finish all the works as the Public Health Officer required was 14 July 2019. We immediately started to do improvements in the Camp and Pastor Evans went to the Office requesting for an extension of the deadline. On 11 July 2019 the Officer of PHD (Public Health Department) visited the Camp and it was agreed that it would be extended to 23 August 2019, By that time we needed to have the new kitchen built with the specific measures, and the repairs to the toilet. By October the new toilet should be finished.

Before we started to built the New Toilets the Officer of the Public Health Department inspected the Camp and was very impressed with the outcome!

This was the reports he wrote:

The report says: On Routine Inspection - 28/08/2019

1. There is a gate improvement

2. The poor dilapidated latrines - repair has been done hence meeting the minimum requirements awaiting reconstructions.

3. Poorly constructed kitchen - the kitchen has been constructed and well finished with smooth finish.

4. The Attitude: Keep it up!!!

Then we built the New Toilet and the Camp was getting really nice and clean.

In the mean time the Officer of Education of Sub County went to inspect the school to make sure it was in good condition to be running. They also were very happy and told the pastor that he needed to register the school nationally.

And, Elohim did it!!!

Beit Kodesh Academy - Masaba was registered nationally and was running well until we had some terrible months of heavy rain that damaged many buildings and crops in Kenya and two classrooms in our school were affected beyond repair.

At the same time the crops of maize and kale were lost and the Congregation Hall was locked by the landlord after delay in paying rent, which was very expensive and with all the urgent needs in the Camp with the orphans, that need couldn't be met.

So, we lost two classrooms and the congregation hall that was used as a classroom during the week was locked with no access.

In January 2020 another Officer of Education of Sub County visited the school again and after assessing the situation he told pastor Evans that the children needed to go to another school until we could rebuild the classrooms. This was very bad news because now, school fees needed to be paid. Class 5 and 6 were sent to the other school and fees were to be payed of KES 3,250 per child. As we have 11 children in class 5 and 6 the cost of those fees are KES 35,750, this is about £280 for term, and the exam fees KES 7,150 for the 11 children, which is around £57. They wake up at 5:30am and walk 1:30 hours to get to school by 7am whether it rains or not. They start their journey home between 16:30 and 17:00 and walk another 1:30 hours after a full day of school. When they finally get home they are really tired.

With all these serious situations happening at the same time we needed a miracle!!!

In the Next Blog I will Share with you About The Great Miracle Elohim Has Done for us!!!

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Thank you for your kindness!

Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim

In the Next Blog I will Share with you About The Great Miracle Elohim Has Done for us!!!


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