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4. The Great Miracle!!!

Updated: Sep 20

After assessing how much money we would need to buy the Congregation Hall and to build two new classrooms, we couldn't see how that could happen!

I totally left it in God's Hands as I couldn't even think about it.

One day I got a phone call from a friend saying: I want to pay for the full amount of the Congregation Hall, which was KES 285, 000, around £2300.

We were over the moon, praising HaShem for His Great Love and Provision!!!

But that was not the end of it!!! A bit later on the same day, another friend phoned me to say she had been blessed and wanted to pay for the building of the two classrooms, which costs around £6000 for both.

I was astounded, couldn't move, with my mouth opened!!!

How amazing is our God!!! Can we trust Him?


When He Is In Something, there is no Stopping Him!!!

So, we have bought the Congregation Hall

and the building of both classrooms were finished!!!

Each of the Classrooms are able

to Teach 18 Students!

Putting the Foundations of Classroom 1!!!

And The Walls Have Gone Up!!!

The Roof was Finished, the Door and Windows were Installed and the Building Was Plastered!!

Then the blackboard and the floor were finished!!!

Then We Start Building the Classroom 2

And There You Go :-)

Class 5 and 6 of

'Beit Kodesh Academy'

in Masaba, Migori, Kenya!

Classroom 1 will be teaching children

in the 5th class - Primary School

And Classroom 2 will be teaching

the 6th Class - Primary School

The Next Blog Explains Other Achievements :-)

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