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The Calendar of God in the Heavens

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

This is the first Challenge set by Yiskah for the Beit Kodesh Online Community

Participants were asked to watch a teaching video and answer 27 questions about the Calendar of God in the Heavens which was instigated in the beginning and has never been revoked.

To get started, please watch the video of teaching session I recently presented in Norwich, UK.

When you've taken time to watch this video once entirely, go to through the video slowly again seeking answers for the questions I have set out below:

Don’t try to answer the questions without watching the video.

The goal of this challenge is not to know how much you know, but to pay attention to the teaching in the video and answer the questions in order to build the correct foundations in your life regarding the cycle of the calendar instituted by God.

You may find it easier to copy the Questions into a Word document and answer them as you watch the video. You can then save the document and send it me to to check. Save your document and file it in a place where you can store your future Challenges, i.e. (BEIT KODESH - CHALLENGES OF THE WEEK - CALENDAR OF GOD). That will help you to have your studies handy.

Please send your completed assignment to me, Yiskah here: beitkodesh8@gmail.com and a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you!

TAKING THE TIME TO DO IT, can help you to understand the subject and know where the answers are in the Bible. More advanced believers on the subject, that know where to find the answers in the Bible, can listen to it and just share thoughts. It's important to:



Calendar of God in the Heavens


  1. What did Elohim Created on the 4th day of creation? What is the verse in Genesis one? For what reason did God created the Luminaries? Explain please?

  2. Could you expand some thoughts on light and darkness? What about the enemy using what Elohim created for his own intentions to keep mankind in bondage? Briefly could you tell which of both ‘Astronomy’ and ‘Astrology’ are linked with light and which one with darkness?

  3. When is the beginning of the day and the end of it? Where is the answer in the Bible?

  4. When we see a prophetic timing in the Bible is it referring to the Gregorian calendar (or any other calendar) or to Elohim’s Calendar?

  5. How do we know how many days are in the week? How can we explain it?

  6. Elohim took one day apart from the other 6 days. Which day was it? How did He called it?

  7. What did Elohim do on the 7th day?

  8. He Blessed and Sanctified the Sabbath day from the creation. How do you think that can affect your life when you enter Shabbat with Him?

  9. We can see the entire month by looking to the 4 phases of the moon in the sky. How can we know that a new month has started when looking to the heavens?

  10. What is the name of the celebration commanded by YHVH to celebrate the New Month?

  11. Why do you think Abba put in place a Festival in the beginning of a New Month?

  12. When we see the full moon in the sky we are around day …., ….. in the month

  13. Which is the first month in His Calendar? Please check Exodus 12: 1,2. And see what is He referring to. The month of which Feast?

  14. What is the name of the first month according to Deut 16:1?

  15. The rabbis believe that on the 1st day of the 7th month, the month of Tishrei, was when Elohim created ………….

  16. THE FEASTS OF YHVH ARE HIS APPOINTED TIMES WHERE A SPECIFIC EVENT OF REDEMPTION WOULD OCCUR. A Calendar of Redemption of Man Kind through the people of Israel. Even the New Jerusalem has 12 gates with the names of the 12 Tribes of…………. . (Rev 21:12). The Church (Ecclesia) is part of Israel. Gentiles in Messiah are part of the commonwealth of…… (Ephesians 2:11-13). Both Jew and Gentile are saved by the blood of ……………….. The Bride of Yeshua is constituted by …………… and Gentiles in Messiah. Jew and Gentile are One in Messiah.

  17. Why haven’t we been hearing about the Feasts, The Sabbath, The Torah, Israel for centuries in mainstream churches and suddenly we hear about this everywhere?

  18. In the beginning the Ecclesia was totally Jewish. Their Messiah had come and those that recognised Him were His followers. They kept being zealous for the Torah. No new religion had started. They were Jews that kept the Torah, found Yeshua, their Messiah, became their disciples and were all Torah observant, including Yeshua. So where did the mainstream church as we know today start: Rome, Greece or Mesopotami ?

  19. Then the …………….. came in. Now they didn’t need ritual conversion to Judaism in order to become part of the Covenant. They could come in through the blood of Yeshua and be saved.

  20. As more and more gentiles entered into the Kingdom and less and less Jews were among them the pagan things they were used to started to creep in. That’s when Rome took completely control and formed a new religion. ………………, the Emperor of Rome was the one who made decrees that changes Passover to ……………., Sabbath to …………….. etc. He replaced what God had instituted by new feasts invented by man that were pagan festivals and he put Christ in it. He Christianised pagan festivities and created a totally new religion that we know today as Christianity.

  21. As they lost their roots that brought in the dark ages. (Inquisition, persecutions against the Jews.) What was the name of the Institution that was doing all this acts?

  22. Who started the Reform? What was the main point proclaimed by Martin Luther that God used in order to restore some of the first century church settings back? Was his entire work perfect? Who did he persecute vehemently?

  23. The Holy Spirit has been moving through Church (Ecclesia) History as He chose man of God to speak out truth in different areas that had been robbed by Rome. Name some of the truths restored and the name of the movements of the Holy Spirit that are mentioned in the video. Does the Movement of God stay totally pure or can it be tainted by the work of the enemy as corruption creeps in? Does that mean that the Movement was not of God? We should keep the good that aligns with the Scriptures and discard what is wrong.

  24. What is the Movement of God that is happening now? What is this Movement restoring?

  25. Has it been perfect or have we seen corruption creeping in too? Does that mean God is not in it?

  26. Yeshua is Jewish. If He came into our places of worship with His tzitzit would He be accepted?

  27. The Roots of our faith are being restored before the Coming of …………….., the Jewish Messiah! All is being restored to its First Century Settings!

Well done you have made it.

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Shalom and blessings in Messiah


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