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6. Our Orphanage School and Covid-19

Updated: Jan 2

Since Covid-19 started in Kenya and the Gov't closed the schools, our Orphanage School have been closed!

As new directives from the Gov't arrived, they were quite huge for those that didn't have money to fulfil the requisites. They will need to be in place before the 4th of January 2021 when the classes we have will be opening.

Due to COVID-19, the Kenyan Gov’t required we increase our number of classrooms, number of desks and space between students. Due to these new demands we were forced to build 5 classrooms or the school would be shut down immediately.

In order to keep the school open, a loan was secured which needs to be paid in full as soon as possible.

Also, we still need to finish some of the buildings, with plastering, doors and windows, electricity, floor and blackboards and to buy the equipment needed for each classroom so we can open the School to the public on the 4th January 2021.

We also need to buy text and exercise books for our children in the orphanage and a field for the discipline of 'Physical Education' and to teach them 'Agriculture' (a newly subject to be taught at school, by Gov't.).

For this we are raising £20,000.00

Also, part of the loan was to build a fence for safety of our children, as they had a bad experience with wild dogs!


If You Would Like To Be Part Of This Journey With Us & Help Our Orphanage and Mission in Kenya Migori, this link will take you to the Giving Page for this cause!

Your support makes it possible to provide for the needs of our children: food, medication, school needs, personal hygiene, clothing etc.

It also help us to accomplish Projects needed in the Orphanage, whether it is to develop the Orphanage Homes, its Primary School, or the Orphanage Messianic Congregation.

Thank you for your kindness!

Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim


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