• Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim

5. Other Achievements

Updated: Sep 20

Solar electricity in the Orphanage in Migori Kenya was achieved :-)

This cost us around £3500.00, to have all Camp with light.

ALREADY PAYED : While the classrooms were being built the children needed to go to school elsewhere!

This cost us KES 35,750 for the 11 children for the first term. This is about £280 for term, and the exam fees KES 7,150 for the 11 children, which is around £57.

(The classrooms are already finished for the second term)

We already have payed £337 for the fees of our children.

thank you so much for those who donated :-)

We are truly grateful!!!

ALREADY PAYED : We already have finish borehole!

To finish the borehole we needed:

Water main pipe - KES 7,000

Labour mason - KES 5,500

Labour electrician - KES 6,000

Solar panel. - KES 18,500

Wire 2.5 type role. - KES. 5,500

Total of KES 42,500 around £325

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