• Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim

5. Present Needs of our Migori Orphanage

Updated: 3 days ago

While the classrooms were being built the children needed to go to school elsewhere!

This cost us KES 35,750 for the 11 children for the first term. This is about £280 for term, and the exam fees KES 7,150 for the 11 children, which is around £57.

(The classrooms are already finished for the second term)

Already have payed £337 for the fees of our children.

thank you so much for those who donated :-)

We are truly grateful!!!

We also need paint and lighting for congregation hall!

Paint KES 34,500 around £265

To have light in the congregation we need:

1 Solar panel 120 watts - KES 18,500

1 battery - KES 16,500

Inverter - KES 6,500

Solar Converter - KES 3,500

Light: Total of KES 45,000 around £350.00

Finish borehole!

To finish the borehole we need:

Water main pipe - KES 7,000

Labour mason - KES 5,500

Labour electrician - KES 6,000

Solar panel. - KES 18,500

Wire 2.5 type role. - KES. 5,500

Total of KES 42,500 around £325

After we need to buy paint, desks and table and chair for teacher for the classroom 1 and 2, 2 bins and matts!

For paint we need KES 18,803+9000 = 27,803 around £215

Repair desks we need KES 1,100 per unit. 17x1,100= 18,700 around £150

Table and chair for teacher KES 6,500 each classroom.

6500 x2= 13,000 around £120

We need in total around £515

We will be adding as we go and giving praise report when we achieve it!!!

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We thank you in advance for your prayers and kind donation :-)