Our Story

After being a born again Christian for 23 years with a life consecrated to Jesus, in 01 January 2009 The Holy Spirit spoke in a very clear voice that I was Jewish. Some days later I could hear His Voice speaking to me: "A Third Day Church in Norwich". He showed me the Messianic Seal and the words "Jew & Gentile Worshipping together", He showed me the building and the way it would work. Then He spoke very clearly: "Come out of the System into your home I will open the Scriptures for you and teach you what I want you to know."  

 I obeyed and He took me in a journey with Him and The Bible for seven years. I was blown away with the richness of what I discovered when He brought me to the Hebrew Context of The Bible. As He revealed the beauty of His Law/Torah I was amazed. I felt a supernatural love for His Holy Law and started to follow His Commandments with much Joy. I realised they were not a burden at all. I love to be obedient to YHVH and I was astonished to discover that the Law I've been told was a burden and that I was free from, actually gave me such a sense of Freedom and Protection.

When I started to understand and live what Abba/our Father in Heaven was teaching me I started to invite friends to have Shabbat with me, to study the Scriptures, and to Celebrate the Feasts of The LORD. Then we started to have Weekly Bible Studies with the Hebrew Context. I felt the call of God to became a full time Messianic Minister and started to engage in the ministry full time. 

Then we were a house ministry with vision to grow but somehow that didn't happen and when I inquired from YHVH what should I do, I started sensing I needed to start an Online Congregation. And we started Beit Kodesh House of Holiness Online Community in Facebook.

We are based at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeitKodeshOnlineCommunity/

At the moment we are not having LIVE Broadcasts. Our LIVE Broadcasts were hold @ Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim's YouTube Channel where we built up a library of Messianic Video Teachings.


Please make sure to subscribe to our channel and click the bell that opens when you subscribe so you can receive notifications when we upload a new video or go LIVE.

We aim to keep obeying Elohim's Instruction in how to expand His Kingdom. We are a small community of Spirit filled believers who delight in His Ways. Yeshua is our Messiah and King, our heart is to live in the Power of The Holy Spirit and in obedience to His Word, His Holy Torah and to reach the Kingdom Online to Restore First Century Church and prepare the Bride for the end times to walk keeping the Commandments of God and the testimony of Yeshua. 

Then we got a wonderful surprise :-)

I met a Kenyan Messianic Pastor that asked me to teach him the Word of Elohim. 

In the mean time the Orphanage of the Congregation got an outbreak of typhoid where 20 children were affected. With that, the Public Health Department went to inspect the Camp and saw that it was in a very precarious situation. They gave us 14 days, which were extended to 2 months to accomplish repairs, buildings and put beds and mattresses for all the children.

With the help of HaShem we did it :-) and the rest is history.

You can read the blogs about the Kenya Orphanage, School and Congregation in our Blog's Page. 

At the moment we are establishing the Foundations of Beit Kodesh in the UK , Registering as a Charity , Creating Resources and Biblical Courses to equip the Body of Messiah Online and in House. 

We plan to launch and open the Congregation to the public as soon as all is in place and the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit gives the YES!

In the mean time, we gather, as a Community House of Worship on Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh and Feasts of Adonai. 

Stay Tuned! More to Come!

© 2020 Beit Kodesh (House of Holiness), Norwich, UK 

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