•  To Bring the Acts of the Apostles Alive, teaching believers to: ​​

o   live as the body of Messiah, loving one another as Yeshua has loved us

o   walk with the Holy Spirit 

o   be in love for our Father in heaven and our Messiah Yeshua

o   embrace all the previous movements of the Spirit to restore the fullness of His Kingdom.


  •  To Reach the Lost:

o   bringing them into Yeshua's Kingdom

o   nourishing them into maturity

o   setting them free

o   healing their wounds in all areas,

o   supporting them as they navigate through tough times

o   keeping them safe

o   giving them the environment where they can develop and bear fruit


  • To Feed the Sheep of our Messiah:

o   teaching them His Word and how to live it

o   discipling them to be like Yeshua


  • To Restore First Century ‘Christianity’ in all dimensions, including:

o   the Jewishness of Jesus

o   the gospels and the apostolic writings

o   bringing the bride back to the roots of our faith

o   taking her out of Rome  

o   bringing her into Jerusalem

o   growing God's Kingdom in the original context of the Bible

o   healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching the gospel, teaching the Scriptures within the Hebrew context so it can be clearly understood.

o   fulfilling our call

o   cleaning our temples (lives) from defilement

o   to learn and cherish God's holy Law

o   living a godly life according to God's commandments

Our Mission