My spiritual name is Yiskah Bat Yerushalayim, which means Yiskah Daughter of Jerusalem.   I am the founder and  Messianic Minister at Beit Kodesh House of Holiness.   This ministry at the moment, is home based in Norwich UK.

We are a teaching and worship ministry serving the body of Messiah. We function as a Spirit filled, Messianic Teaching and Worship Centre that embraces all the  restorations fulfilled by the Holy Spirit in previous moves of God. We believe in embracing each Move initiated by God and run with it, and when The Holy Spirit starts to restore another truth we run with it without leaving the previous truth behind. 

We are a centre for those who want to learn the roots of our faith in a Spirit filled environment and want to worship YHVH with His Biblical Appointed Times.

If you feel led by the Holy Spirit, (YHVH's Ruach HaKodesh) to be part of our family, you will be loved, cared for and discipled into maturity in Messiah, whilst we build Yeshua's Kingdom together in unity as a congregation.

Our main worship service is on the Sabbath day (Saturday), as commanded by YHVH.  We celebrate the beginning of each new month in the biblical calendar and all the Feasts of the LORD.  Additionally, other studies are delivered according to the Holy Spirit's guidance for growth and maturity of His Bride.


Inner healing and ownership of our responsibility to walk with Yeshua is a major theme, "walk as He walked."

In Beit Kodesh We Live Our Faith from Jerusalem Not from Rome.

Let’s Unite and Build Yeshua's Kingdom

Loving and Supporting One Another

Learning Together How to Love and Serve

Our King and Master Yeshua!!!​​

May Adonai bless you and your dear ones in Yeshua's name.